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We offer expert, practical and emotional support throughout every stage of the separation and divorce process.


We are passionate about supporting you to make informed decisions.

Whether you are unsure on where to start, stuck in a hard place or beginning a new life after divorce, — we are here for you.

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Specially designed courses to help you gain the knowledge you need - to save you financially and emotionally

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John R

I  got a divorce 3 years ago and I didn´t have any support on how to start my life again and how to make sure my children were ok with the changes that the divorce involved. But finding DSC and its tips, help me to prepare as a single parent and inspired me to build a happier life for myself. I am very much looking forward to the recovery retreat. 

Louise J

Engaging with DSC was the best money ever spent. As a result of the clarity I got with the courses and the resources provided, my ex-husband and I had all our parenting and settlement negotiations finalized swiftly in a matter of months with minimal lawyer involvement

Barb M

I had no idea what to look for in a family lawyer - thank you for the guidance and questions.

I interviewed 3 and found the right one!  I also feel confident with the knowledge I have about starting this process. Thank you. 

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